Board of Management

Board of Management

The Board of Management is the management team set up to manage the school on
behalf of the Patron for the benefit of the children in the school and their parents.

The Board of Management is made up of representatives of the parents and teachers
in the school, representatives of the patron and also community representatives who
have a particular interest or expertise.

The Board of Management provides leadership and ensures effective management
of the school, within an agreed school budget and a framework of accountability. All
eight members of the Board once appointed act together as a unit. Individuals do not
act as representatives of various groups within the Board.

The Board of Management of St. Augustines N.S. Kilshanny are as follows:

Chairperson: Carmel Thynne

Bishops Nominee: Fr. Conor Cunningham

Parents Representatives: Thomas Nestor & Julie Carr

Secretary: John Mahon

Teacher Representative: Orla Whelan

Community Representatives: John O’Loughlin (Treasurer) & Ann O’Driscoll

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