2021 - 2022

Principals Welcome

Welcome Message

From the Principal

I am delighted to welcome you to view our school website.  Here we aim to provide you with a snapshot of school life in Kilshanny.  We cover all areas of the prescribed curriculum as well as engaging with many other extra curricular activities.  At our school we have a wealth of resources, including Maths equipment, I.T. equipment, PE equipment, Science equipment and outside play areas.

The children at our school are extraordinarily well behaved, well mannered and a privilege to work with.

Here in Kilshanny N.S. we take a holistic view of learning and of the learner.  We focus on the need for pupils to develop a broad range of skills, competences and values that enable personal well-being, active citizenship and lifelong learning.  It is our aim to build the pupils’ self confidence so that they are unafraid to take the risk of attempting new challenges.  At our school all children will receive the academic social and emotional skills to enable them to realize their full potential.

  • We depend on each other
  • Nurture and look out for one another
  • Realize our actions and words affect others

Many thanks

John Mahon

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